Coral Blush Linen – D&H Fabrics Co

My EXACT reaction when Tammy from D&H Fabrics Co approached me about a collaboration!! 

  I had been eyeing her fabrics for some time so  I was so excited to have the opportunity to try out some of her beautiful fabric. 

I headed straight to her website ( IMMEDIATELY chose a beautiful Coral Blush Linen. First, let me say that ALL her fabrics are beautiful and I love how clean and modern her website and Instagram feed are!

Coral Blush Linen

This Fabric also comes in a  \” Silver Linen \” …….

Silver Linen 


Both of these fabrics are so beautiful but I KNEW that i wanted the Coral Blush Linen!
When I received this fabric I didn\’t regret my decision AT ALL. The fabric is so soft and beautiful and got softer after it was washed !!

 The Fabric is midweight linen so once I felt it I knew EXACTLY what to make! 

Linen Overalls !!!

I was off to the races! 

This pattern was really easy to follow but in true fashion, I put a few pieces on backward and had to redo a few times but I prevailed !!

 AND.I got a beautiful Linen jumpsuit that I will be wearing EVERYWHERE! 


I wore this jumpsuit to work the next day and got SO many compliments. Did I mention JUST how soft this linen is ?! Well it\’s SOFT and it was so easy to sew!!

I definitely have to make the Pants version of this pattern! 


 I love everything about this jumpsuit and I couldn\’t have chosen a better fabric for the project! 

If you haven\’t already go check out D&H Fabrics Co  

Instagram: dhfabricsandco  

Facebook: dandhfabricscocommunity


Until Next Time! 




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nefertiti says:

    I love this look and blush pink, perfection! I used this pattern last summer and made the shorts version. You have me rethinking the pants. So fun and excellent choice of fabric!


  2. Love this jumpsuit on You. Looking forward to be inspired with more of your makes.


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