Lace and Shine

This set almost took me out but it was soooo worth it in the end. I purchased both pieces of fabric over a year ago but wasn\’t sure what I wanted to make with them then so they went into my stash. When I set off on my linen play project I decided it was time to use this beautiful \”Linen Look\” fabric and I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with it.

Enters this FABULOUS pant pattern my Mimi G /Simplicity! 

Like the fabric, I purchased this pattern the moment it came out but kept it in my pattern stash for the perfect set….. This was it!

The shirt pattern was definitely an after thought but I knew it would pair perfectly with the idea I had in my head for the pants ……

I love how this set came out but the top was definitely a doozie. The pattern itself was very easy to put together but the fabric was definitely a challenge to work with! The first time I put the top together I put the sleeves on backward so I had to redue it ALL!

The second time it came together and fit much better.


Pants: Joanns Fabric – Linen Look Fabric 

Top: Joann Fabrics – Chiffon

For the shirt, I decided to use french seams so that no seams would show.

I used these beautiful shell buttons from Joann Fabrics!

I love the details on the pants. 

I went into Joann\’s with the plan of getting white trim to make sailor pants, that changed the MINUTE I saw this beautiful trim. I loved the lace look of this trim and I KNEW it would elevate the look of my pants!

Both of these patterns were so easy to sew and the video MiMi G made for these pants helped ALOT !!

I love the CLEAN look of this entire look and I will be making these pants a few more times in a more casual vibe.

Until Next Time!

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