V-day Ribbed Knit Dress

Hey Yall! First I hope that you all have a happy Valentine\’s Day or Galentine\’s Day !

I really made this dress on a whim. I was feeling kind of down because I just don\’t feel comfortable enough yet to go out anywhere for Valentine\’s Day because of COVID so I decided .. why not make a dress! 


For this dress, I decided to go with a pattern I already had, I chose View C.


I used some fabric that I purchased from Gail Fabrics in Norcross, Ga a few months ago. 

The Fabric was a ribbed Stretch Knit and it was the perfect fabric to give the dress both a formal or semi-formal feel. 


The only alterations that I made to this dress were to had 2 inches to the arms. I started to add a few inches to the hem of the dress but after measuring it I decided it would be long enough 

I love how the dress turned out!

I love how sleek, simple and SEXY it is! 
Alright, lovers .. I\’m about to go prance around in my living room with my dress šŸ˜Š
Until Next Time XOXOX

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