The Lena Horne Dress

If you have missed this GEM circulating through the sewing stratosphere then you are living under a rock !! This is Tabitha Sewer\’s Lena Horne Dress!

My first thought after seeing this pattern honestly was, \”very cute but not quite my style\”. Then, women of different shapes, sizes and colors began to show their version and I knew that if nothing else I needed to support my friend!

 The Lena Horne Dress

I purchased the PDF pattern because I wanted the option of being able to print it again in different sizes later, but I\’m having SERIOUS FOMO because I didn\’t get to experience the CUTE irridescent packaging that the pattern comes in!

The construction of the pattern was simple enough. It only had 5 pieces so that was an IMMEDIATE win in my book.

Once I completed the pattern I had to decide what type of fabric I wanted to use. One feature of the pattern stands out and that is the ruffle front. I knew I needed to find a fabric that would really make them stand out…

 I had recently received some dogwood denim fabric from an artist named Alyson of Alyson Jon Life. Alyson is an artist/ designer over at  She makes custom jewelry as well as embroidery and surface designs . She has partnered with Spoonflower to put some of her surface designs to fabric!

I had the opportunity to choose from several of her samples …

I chose \”Waxing and Waning\” as my print and I had it printed on Spoonflowers Dogwood Denim!

The design is inspired by the cycle of the moon . 
This fabric would be perfect for  my version of the Lena Horne Dress 

I was Right!!! I wasnt even finished with the bodice and loved it already !
The denim got a little bulky in places but i was sure to trim and layer my seams to minimize some of this . 
 I decided to take some of the gathering out of the front and add a a slit with snaps . 

 After my first attempt at cutting  my hem I came out with a uneven result. I decided to keep it because I loved the character that it added to the dress. I used bias tape to accent the hem !

I love how the denim makes the ruffles stand up!

To purchase your pattern copy !

Lena Horne Dress

Instagram : @tabithasewer

For infomation about the artist/designer of this beautiful fabric :

Website :
Alyson\’s Blog Post : Alyson Jon Life

Instagram: @AlysonJonLife
Pinterest: AlysonJonLife
Facebook: AlysonJonLife

Until Next Time XOXO

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