Castles and Fur Coats !

I have been in Germany almost 2 weeks now !!! I cant tell you just how beautiful it is here , every turn takes my breath away. I expected a lot and I got it 10 times over. So far we have visted Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich , and now we are in Zirndorf , a town right out side of Furth. Currently Nuremberg and Munich are running neck and neck in the beauty category.  What I love about Germany is that with each city we visit there is a diffrent look a diffrent feel to it . If you follow me on Instagram I have tried to capture as much as possible to share with you all .

As mentioned above currently we are in Zirndorf . One of my husbands sisters lives here. The other lives in Nuremberg, where we just left. She lives inside the walls of the Nuremberg Castle and we where fortunate enough to be able to stay with her for one week and experience some of this Fairytale living .The city inside the walls is BEAUTIFUL and was the PERFECT setting for my fur coat that I finished just before we left the states headed here .

Lets call her \” Shelia\” because she deserves her own SONG !! 
( Insert \”Ready For The World -Oh Shelia\” Lyrics Here )     
 I made \”Shelia\” using Mccall 7257
View D with the Hood .
The Faux Fur that I purchased was from Mood Fabrics .You can find it HERE
The Fur is SO SO soft and the coat was extra warm which was perfect for this below freezin weather im still trying to get use to here ! I lined it with a silver Satin backed Crepe that I purchased from Joann Fabrics . 
My husband and I decided to take the oppurtunity to tour the Imperial Nurnberg Castle while we where in Nuremburg and get some beautiful pictures in all at the same time ! The city of Nuremberg has so much history !! Legend has it that during the 14th century a robber baron named  Eppelein von Gailingen jumped over the walls of the Imperial Castle on his horse in the to escape execution. You can still see the hoof prints of the horse on the ledge of the castle wall.  I am a huge history buff but I want bore you with it all the history that surrounds this city and town . If your into that kind of stuff  but you can go HERE to read more ! 
The Castle was the PERFECT backdrop for this beautiful coat . This was my first time working with fur but I recived so many tips from my sewing sisters leading up to sewing it that made things so much easier!
The pattern itself was a breeze followso that allowed me to pay more attenton and time to the fur. 
A few pointers I was given that I will share : 
  • Do Not Cut the Fur when cutting your pattern pieces . Use small scissors, trace your pieces on the backing of the fur and cut JUST the backing. ( This willl help with \”fur mess)
  • Trim down the fur in your Seam allowance 
  • Use Packing Tape to help minimize the \”fur mess\” when trimming . 
  • Use clips instead of pins to hold your pieces together . My husband got mine from HERE
  • User a Walking Foot . This was a lifesaver for me , it made sewng the fur EASY.

I hope these tips help because they really helped me !

 Im so glad I added the hood to this coat , it took it to another level in my opinion !

I will be wearing this coat TO BED ! lol …No really … its just that cold here ! 
Ok let me quit messing around ! I have more to see ! 
Until next time XOXOXO

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