Jeans in the Country (Germany)

This is officially my first post in Germany. If you have been following along on Instagram you know that we arrived on the 23rd and have been going every since !!  I am currently in Frankfurt Germany, the place where my husband lived for 15 years, visiting his mother and brother.  I will be here till New Year\’s Eve and then we will travel to Nuremberg Germany, where he was born, to visit his twin sisters! We will stay there for a week and a half and then travel back to Frankfurt until we leave on January 12th. This trip is so special to me for so many reasons but the biggest has to be the fact that my husband gets to finally be back home for the first time in more than 20 years. He hasn\’t stopped smiling since we landed, and that ALONE makes the trip worthwhile. I love it here…I really really love it here.We have already done so much in 4 days, but we still have so much more to see and do! 
When we arrived everything in the city had come to a complete standstill. Germans celebrate Christmas for 3 days….the 24th,25th, and 26th. This allows time with friends and family without the hustle and bustle of shopping that we experience in the states all the way up to the day before Christmas. We spent this time laughing, drinking, eating and relaxing. On the 26th we decided to take a walk along the countryside and I was so in awe of just how beautiful this place is. I also got the chance to wear a new pair of jeans that I had made just before we left for our trip! 

I made these high waisted jeans using Simplicity #8655. I used a stretch Light Blue Denim that I purchased a year ago from Fine Fabrics! The jeans were perfected for what turned out to be a LONG walk!

These jeans were so simple to make, so much so that I made two pairs! The pattern gives to the option of making Wide Leg or tapered leg, I made both!  Those will be up later on the blog!
Its cold as HECK here so my scarves that I knitted just before this trip have been a LIFESAVER. I made this one from a CUTE wool yarn that I got from Joann\’s Fabric. The temperature hasn\’t risen above freezing so I am glad that I prepared for this weather. Anyone knows me knows that I can\’t stand to be cold! So the attire has been and will continue to be, sweaters, jeans, scarves, and coats! LOL! 

Ok, I gotta go! I have more site seeing to do!!
 I\’ll leave you all with a few pictures from our walk along the countryside earlier this week!


Until Next Time 
Hugs and Kisses from GERMANY!!!

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