Royal Blue Jumpsuit !

I have been absent from social media for a few months. I took some time to gather my thoughts , move, adjust to work and come back more determined . My goal has always been to provide you gals/guys with content that was both informational and inspirational, however I lost my self in the process somehow . I want to focus this time around on myself while providing content that I hope you all will find useful .I want to sew items that I can wear and get longevity from . I cant tell you how many pieces I have in my closet that have only been worn on the day of a photo shoot and THATS IT ! Ive said before that I wanted to change the way that I sew but never really had a plan as to how to do that . I think the problem was that I was giving it way to much thought ! It is simple …what do I want to wear ?! I spend most of my time in two places … work and the soccer field , so how can i focus my energy on making more items for my lifestyle ?! 
SO… Where do I begin ?     How about with a pattern that I have had for a little while and already made one version of  … McCall 7577 !
Now I am a EXTREME lover of jumpsuits, BUT for that reason alone I am really limiting the amount of jumpsuits that I make . Why you might ask ? Because the ease of a jumpsuit makes it to tempting to make ALL THE TIME! .. and i really don\’t need a closet full of jumpsuits . The idea is to EXPAND my wardrobe not to continue to sew one dimensional . I need more flexibility in my wardrobe, pants , shirts and jackets that I can change out and mix up as needed . Dont get me wrong Jumpsuits are a great addition to any wardrobe but I cant limit myself to only them . 
HOWEVER … for now lets indulge in this beauty 🙂  …. 
As mentioned above I used Mccall 7577 View C for this Jumpsuit. I made alterations by gathering the sleeves and adding a cuff . This gave me the desired look that I was going for . The fabric was a knit that I picked up a few months ago from Fine Fabrics in Norcross Ga. If you have never been to this fabric warehouse .. you must GO !  
I love how she turned out !

 The ease of this jumpsuit makes it SO tempting to make 50 of these and just make it a uniform ! 🙂  But I will maintian Self control ! 🙂

 The pattern was super easy to sew and to adapt to the look that I wanted . 

If I do make it again( and i plan to ..just not now) I will lengthen the legs a bit . 

Im so glad to be back sewing ! The time away was much needed but I definitely missed you guys !!
New Sewing Room Tour Up Next …..
Until then ! XOXOXO

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