Royal Wedding Sew Along

When Mccall Pattern Announced their Royal Wedding Sew Along I knew I was all in, any chance I can get to dress up ill take it so this was the perfect opportunity!. The rules where that you can use any pattern from the Mccall or Simplicity line. The guest bloggers also gave a list of suggested patterns that could be used.

I was ecstatic because I already had one of them in my stash so I decided to use it!

 This pattern was perfect for a few reasons … I had sewn it before so I was familiar with it and it was PERFECT for the fabric that I wanted to use …

 If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have had this fabric for over a year! It\’s a cotton Ankara fabric that I purchased from Fine Fabrics in Norcross Ga. When I purchase it I was so intimidated by how beautiful the fabric was that I didn\’t want to cut into it until I knew that I could do it absolute justice! I wanted to be sure that I maximized the print ….. this pattern was perfect for that!

Since the bottom portion of the dress is basically large rectangles of fabric gathered together, it gave me the perfect opportunity to showcase the print.  I even had enough fabric to play with the print of the bodice, which turned out great!

The pattern is such an easy sew which made pattern placement just that much easier !!  

I decided to omit the attached tie and go for Brittany J Jones suggested belt option! I\’m so glad I did! It gave me the chance to use the beautiful border print of the fabric and I love how it turned out!.

I absolutely LOVE how this dress turned out !!! The pattern placement turned out perfect !! 

 I used silk flowers from Hobby Lobby to create my fascinator… being my first I am super happy with how it turned out.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and until next time XOXO!

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