#COLORUSCREATIVE – SpoonFlower Collab !

If you follow me on Instagram you should know by now about the #COLORUSCREATIVE Photo Challenge. If not, this challenge is a month long photo sewing contest with weekly DIY inspiration and PRIZES . Thats reason enough to join us right ?! 
This challenge is being hosted by the ever so talented Tabitha Sewer !!  
When Sprout Patterns offered to partner with #Coloruscreative  in this challenge , I jumped at the chance to work with them . I had seen other bloggers show their DIY pieces that they created from Sprout Patterns so I was eager to work with them ! 
I will tell you now the Sprout Process was so fulfilling and enjoyable !! 
Heres how it works …..


I began with choosing the \” Portside Duffel Bag\” as my pattern of choice. With summer time fastly approaching I knew that I needed a travel bag . How exciting to get to design and make my very own !

Next , and probably the most fulfilling part, I got the chance to choose my type of fabric and a print from their VAST supply of surface designs !
I was then able to use a 2D graphic of the bag to see exactly how my bag would look with the chosen design . This was probably the longest part of the entire process . Mostly because I am so indecisive LOL, but there where plenty designs and I eventually found the perfect combo!

You then have the option of letting them sew it ( white glove service ) or to Sew it yourself . I chose to sew this design myself of course !!!

I checked out and patiently awaited for my new Duffle Bag to arrive ! : ) 
Sprout Patterns did a great deed by how they print their patterns . 🙂
When the pattern arrives it is already printed on the fabric !!!
 That takes about 30% of the work away immediately . 
This saved so much time, giving me the ability to go straight into cutting ! 
 I made sure to save all the piece descriptions so I knew which pieces were which . 
I made a few changes to the construction :
I added fusible Fleece Interfacing to the Lining and Fusible Interfacing to the Main fabric .

 I  added purse feet that I had left over from a previous make. 
These seem to work well, however next time I make this I will order bigger feet for this size bag .
I also added a stiffer interfacing to the bottom to make it a bit stiffer than the rest of the bag. 
The instructions were super easy to follow and the bag put together so well !!
 I will be taking it EVERYWHERE this summer ….EVERYWHERE. 
 It is so much bigger than I thought and the colors came together so nicely . 

 I LOVE this bag ! Its so roomie and with the added materials ( listed above) it feels so durable .

For this weeks giveaway Sprout Patterns is our Sponsor !!

 If chosen you will win this Duffel Bag Pattern and have the opportunity to design your own fabric on www.sproutpatterns.com !! 

To enter : 


Follow @sproutpattern 

Tag and Follow : @tabithasewer

Tag and Follow : @shun.davis

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