Accordian Pants Colab !

 So I think Im going to live in this outfit for the rest of spring … and maybe a little of summer !  
 It is so Chic and Comfortable , and it was a breeze to put together !

This look came about because my sew sister (TabithaSewer) and I  discovered that we had the same type of fabric !  I purchased my Acordian pleat fabric from Textile Fabrics in Nashiville , Tennessee.  Tabitha scored her fabric at a thrift store haul in the form of a old formal dress !!  When I saw her fabric on her instastories I had to say something because I had in my possesion the same type of fabric without a clue on what to do with it !

Tab had decided to make a skirt out of her fabric and when she saw my message she immediatly asked me to collab and make one with her! I was excited to colab but not completly sold on the skirt idea for myself. I had been eyeing a pair of Pallazo pants made out of the same fabric but just hadnt gotten the courage to cut into the fabric and make them .

I sent her my inspiration pic and she suggested that I do the pants and she do a skirt ! 
That way we could show two ways to use the fabric . NOW I WAS READY !! 
I already had two  perfect patterns in my stash to make the outfit that I wanted : 

Top : Simplicity 8093

 Pants: Mccall 3519 ( Vintage)

 For the top I used a beautiful white Charmeuse that I picked up from Joanns a few months ago.

 It would work perfectly for the Simplicity Top !

I set to work making the entire outfit, which took me a full day to complete . 

 I put the Pants pattern together without using the instructions and decided  to alter them slightly by adding a extra row of stitching at the top of the waist. When I inserted elastic it gave the pants a  \”paper bag effect\” at the top !

 Both patterns where a breeze to put together ! 

 I\’m so glad that Tabitha asked me to do this collab with her . I have been so busy lately with my 9-5, working on the pattern and being sick , I needed this to get y sewing mojo back . I am really working on trying to find a healthy balance in my life . I have so many plans in my head and I find myself trying to do them ALL at once .  I am trying to learn how to slow down and just live in te moment ! 

 Please dont forget to check out what Tabitha did with her fabric on her Insta Feed ! 
 It is FABULOUS as always !! 

Until Next Time !  XOXOXO

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  1. Rayja says:

    Beautiful and gorgeous


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