Vday Pink Suit

Soooooo… where do I begin on this suit ?! 
Ok how about at the beginning ..  I knew that Valentines Day was coming up and I needed something to wear  . Per usual, I wanted to be comfortable AND fly so I started looking for inspiration online… . After seeing more than enough reasons why …. I decided to make a pink suit !!
Lets talk patterns …
I used Simplicity 5571 , a vintage pattern and Simplicity 8265! I picked the vintage pattern up a few months ago at a thrift store hall . The volume in the pants was perfect for the look I wanted . Simplicity 8265 had been in my statsh for sometime and I really was just waiting on the perfect fabric for this coat!
I used a Refinied  Ponte Knit from Joanns and it was a DREAM to work with!

I HAVE to go back and by more  of this type of fabric . The stability of the fabric was PERFECT for the look I wanted ! Joann\’s sells it in a few diffrent colors , its just a matter of finding them in the store . They normally sell out of colors pretty fast . 

 I love the look that both of these pieces helped create ! 

Purse : Steve Madden   Shoes : Target 

Pros and Cons ….

Jacket : Pros:  I LOVE everything about this jacket ! The only Con if any is that it isnt a lined jacket . BUT that gives you the flexibility of using lighter or heavier weight fabrics for this pattern . I plan on making a heavier lined version and a lighter \”sweater\” version later.

Pants :Cons … IF I made these again I would definitly take out some of the ease in the crotch . It left a little more loose fabric in the front that I would have prefered . I would also add pockets .   Pros: I loved the volume in the pants and how quick easy it was to sew them 

 I hope that you all had a wonderful love filled heart day ! 
Until Next Time XOXO

2 Comments Add yours

  1. erinalter says:

    this suit is marvelous! i love the long, sweeping lines!


  2. Shun D says:

    Thank you Erin !


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