Stripes – Simplicity 8174

I love how this dress turned out , HOWEVER I was reminded why I have avoided sewing with 4 way knits for so long ! There is very little structure and stability to the fabric and this fabric was no exception !So you\’re probably asking why i purchased it huh ? Well I loved the strips and the feel of the fabric but that\’s where it ends !! I felt during construction like I had to treat it with extra care because I didn\’t want to stretch it before I wore it . The pattern also called for a front pocket. I really considered not sewing the front pocket because I knew it would stretch easy putting my hand in and out of it .  I knew that it would take away from the sporty look of the dress if i left it out, so I went ahead with it.

Now with all that being said I do really love the dress ! 
It was super easy to construct and is UBER comfortable ! 

I took about 7 inches out of the dress so that it would fall above my knees. 

I had chosen white fabric for the sleeves as a contrast and we all know how hard it is to keep white clean. I knew if I added the optional finger holes it would be hell trying to keep white so I decided to leave them out . I ended up taking about 4 inches off the sleeve.

The look of the dress is SEW sporty ! I definitely want to make another in a more stable knit !

I purchased the fabric from Joann\’s . It is a four was stretch knit with a very soft hand. 
im sure it will be a very long time before sew with a 4 way stretch again !
 I\’ve just grown accustom to stability now !

I loved where we shot at for this OOTD

Its a beautiful walking trail that they have built down the street from Birmingham\’s Railroad Park .
This area is much quieter than Railroad Park, it has a beautiful walking trail and charging stations for your phone !!


Birmingham is really trying to refurbish the downtown area into a place where people can go on the weekends with there family and enjoy . I remember when i first began taking pictures for my blog , there was MAYBE one or two areas to get good shots .
 This has definitely changed over the last few years! Go Birmingham !!

 I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week !!

Until next time…..

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