Pin Stripes

Hey guys ive been so busy lately with participating in this \”Rippin Aint Easy\” competition that I haven\’t really had the opportunity to sew for myself . I decided to do some \”light\” sewing inbetween challenges JUST to curve my \”make something that I want to make\” tooth. 🙂 
I have VERY few pants in my wardrobe and I had vowed that for winter I would make more …. 
Well I failed … miserably… 
I believe that this is the first part of pants that I have made all winter (and winter is pretty much over )
Anyway I got a quick one in before the last bit of winter left because we are suppose to get a cold front in this weekend 🙂 …. that counts right ??  

The pants where super easy to make ! I used pattern B5893..
I used View B but added my own waist band a a back zipper . 
The pattern was super easy to construct. I haven\’t decided if Ill make these again but if I do I\’ll definitely make them longer ( just because I have this weird issue with my pants appearing to short) . 
The shirt debuted last summer in this post here.
With spring coming in I\’ll more than likely make these again in a lighter fabric!
Until Next time XOXOXOXO

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