Peaches and Cream – Simplicity 1183 and 1464


Oh !! how I loved how this outfit turned out .. This was the Round 2 submission for the \” Rippin Ain\’t Easy \” Competion that I\’m apart of hosted by Pretty Girls Sew … You can see more information about the competition at

So far I have THUROUGHLY enjoyed the competition , it has really challenged me to think OUTSIDE of the box and create new and inventive things.

This round we where given Simplicity pattern 1464


We also had to create a top to accompany the pants .

I chose Simplicity Pattern 1183


I decided to go with Peach and Cream just because those colors are so beautiful together and I really wanted a beautiful elegant look . I wanted the corset to be cream and I found a beautiful peach linen for the pants …


The corset was a bit more difficult and time consuming than I thought but I LOVE how it turned out !! I used cream lace ( for the overlay), cream cotton( for the underlay) and drill and featherlite boning for stability .

I used fabric from the pants to make my ribbon in the back .. Overall the instruction were easy to follow it was just a bit time consuming because there where so many pieces and layers .. So there was LOTS of basting involved 🙂 ..I think it was worth it tho !



The detailing on the corset turned out emaculate !!!


The pants were super easy to put together and comfortable , so I will be making more of these for spring!!

I made the pants longer that what was called for in the pattern because I wanted the to sweep the floor . I started to add pockets but the fabric was slightly sheer and I didn\’t want them to show thru so I omitted the pockets .



I hope you guys like !!

I made it to round 3 of the competition so I am super stoked about the next pattern that we have been given.. It gives us the chance to experiment with colors 🙂 So I\’m ready .. I will share more details soon !!!

Until Next Time XOXO








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  1. Dee says:

    I just viewed the corset you made regarding Simplicity 1183. Great Great job. I am making it now Wow Wow that's for information you share. Let me finish pulling out my hair to complete this corset. Lol. Dee


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