Vogue spring collection picks!!!

I couldn\’t wait for next seasons Vogue lookbook to come out, and for good reason . I am so excited about there men\’s collection !!! There are so many pieces that I am looking forward to sewing . Please share I my excitement ….

This Rebecca taylor top is sooo simple but elegant . I think I\’ll do a pretty pastel color like shown .. I haven\’t decided whether ill do pants or a skirt with this one !
OK so I\’ve been looking or a good suit pattern to experiment on … OK look pass the fabric ( I\’m not a big fan either ) . I am going to slay this !!
Love this !!! Ill have to wait on the right fabric to hit me in the face for this one !

I love the simple elegance in this one …

Ok so I\’m most excited about these … When I saw the men\’s collection the first thing I did was show my husband and smile ear to ear.
I said , \”oh yeah you\’ll be appearing in front of the camera this year !\”

This one is hot !!! I can\’t wait to dress him in this ..

I\’m thinking a nice linen fabric for this one !!!

These where all my favorite looks for Vogue\’s spring collection ,I can\’t wait to get started is year !!!
You can view the lookbook yourself here : Vogue Lookbook 
Tomorrow I\’ll show you my McCall pattern pics for next season !!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    The first two are my favorites!! There is also another blouse that I thought was cute. I'm sure whatever you decide to sew will be amazing.


  2. Adrienne says:

    I plan on making that suit for my husband as well. He is super excited lol


  3. Shun D says:

    Girl mine cant wait either! Me either tho .. this will be my first time sewing a whole suit for him :-\\


  4. Shun D says:

    Vanessa thanks so much ! 🙂


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