Whats your body type cont…

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays post and found it informative… I am going to try this year to post information that I feel can be beneficial to both seamstress( beginner and novice) and women just wanting to better their sense of style .

Now on to our Rectangle and Hourglass beauties 🙂 …….

With this shape there is little difference between the bust, waist and hips. Your shoulders and hips are balanced but there is no defined curve to the waistline.  
Things you should try to achieve
  • Create a vertical line from top to bottom
  • Draw interest to the top of your body by adding horizontal gathers or pleats
  • Dropped or extended shoulders ( Tops)  draw the eye upward
  • Dropped waists or skirts with center seams draw the eye away from the waist

 Things you should avoid
  • Avoid horizontal lines near the waist. 
  • Don\’t wear belts that have a color contrasting from the color of your dress, shirt…
  • Avoid fullness that is near or directs your eye to the waist area
  • Avoid sleeves that end at the elbow
With the rectangle shape you should focus on drawing the eye away from the wait area. Long dresses, jackets and skirts draw the eye down and will compliment your figure. Try flared and peplum type skirts to help accentuate the hips !

This shape is usually equally balanced on both top and bottom .
With this shape the choice of styles is almost unlimited. 
Things you should try to achieve 
  • Use vertical lines to make your torso seam longer
  • Pick one focal point ( your best feature)  and highlight it
  • Experiment with bold and contrasting colors
  • Wear clothing that shows off your narrow waist if you have one. 
 Things you should avoid 
  •  Avoid large patterns or to big clothing on a small frame
  • Play down heavy legs with nude hosiery and shoes that match your clothing 
  • Avoid boxy and bulky styles that hide your shape

Even tho you can get away with wearing just about nay style please be sure to keep it in proportion to your height and weight. You can experiment with different colors and prints. If you are aiming to appear taller try matte textures, small prints, monochromatic colors .

Excerpts taken from : Vogue Sewing

I hope that you found this informative. Read the diffrent body types carefully and decide which one is the closest to your body type. Please remember to be honest because you are oly hurting yourself if you pick the incorrect body type .

If you are still unsure here is a quiz you can take to determine you body type :  Body Quiz

If you gals would like more post like these please let me know in the comments and I will keep bringing you the knowledge 🙂

Till Next Time XOXOXO

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