Whats your body type ?

Do you know your body type?

This is VERY important if you plan on being a seamstress or getting into fashion . 
As women we tend to lie to ourselves about our body type,  me included , but I  had to learn that knowing and admitting my body type was very crucial to how clothes fit and looked on me . Once I over came this I was able to really pick patterns and clothes that complimented my figure rather than take away from it!
There are TYPICALLY four body types: triangle, inverted triangle , rectangle and hourglass. Once you learn yours Great style is there for the taking 🙂 

This is sometimes referred to as pear shape it is also the most common figure type. With this body type you normally have small shoulders and wider hips  ( small bust with large hips) 
Things you should do to complement your body type 

  • Use a high waist or A line silhouette to draw the eye away from the hip area
  • Keep sleeve hems simple 
  • Add fullness above the waist and use gathers, yokes, wide collars, or wide necklines 
  • Minimize the hip area ( don\’t add fabric in that area) 
**Things you should avoid**

  • Avoid horizontal lines that fall directly across the hip 
  • Avoid sleeves with ruffles or french cuffs
  • Avoid inseam patch pockets or any seams ending at the hip 

 Your Height  and weight also play a factor when aiming for a pleasing apperance. If you are tall you can wear larger, bolder prints, more dramatic styles, and textures on top. On bottom keep your color choices do darker hues or small prints. If you are a short chick :), choose dark hues, small prints, and  smooth textures for your overall look.

This is the opposite of the triangle figure ( this is my body type). This figure type has a large bust or broad shoulders and narrow hips. Usually this body type is either curvy or athletically built. 
Things you should do to complement your body type 

  • Minimize the bust and waist area 
  • Add pocket details, drop waists, peplums to lower half of the body 
  • Emphasize the vertical line on top with V necks, seams , turtle necks and simple jewelry  
  • Gathers and pleats at the hip make them appear fuller
**Things to avoid**
Avoid high waistlines
avoid pockets or ruffles around bust area
avoid extended or dropped shoulders, gathered sleeves or wide colors 
Avoid large scale prints and bulky textures up top
Create vertical lines in the bust and shoulder areas and add horizontal lines to the hips. Darker hues and matte finishes or best up top . To make yourself look taller try using one color schemes so that there is one continuous line  from top to bottom. 
Excerpts taken from : Vogue Sewing
Stay tune tomorrow  for the \” Hourglass\” and \”Rectangle\” body types!!!!!!
** Now i must remind you that I am NOT a professional I am simply offering you tips that I have learned over the years. If you have anything to add PLEASE leave me feedback !**

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