McCall Pattern Lookbook Picks !!

Now as I was looking thru this lookbook I did notice that some of the patterns I have already seen in the store however …there where a few that I loved that I had not seen . Soooo here we go !!!!

I have been wanting to make a tote for a while and I really like the style of this one ! I think I\’m going to trysting leather **biting nails **… 🙂

I\’m not crazy about any of these but I really love the concept of the white dress . I think I\’m going to try this on a fitted dress … CAN\’T WAIT !!!

Oh! I will definitely be rocking the one on the coral dress … I\’m going to make a long version also !!!

This one will be made soon !!

I love this !! I even love the print !
Oh! I\’m so excited for this new year .. Great things instore gals !!!

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