Sewing 4 Haiti – Boys Edition

Lets Go !!!  It is finally time for Round Two of the Sewing 4 Haiti Intiative !
This time we are focusing on boys sizes 7-12 . The boys live in a orphanage in Haiti . They are in grades 3rd through 5th so this time we are sewing larger items . Last time our goal was 100 dresses and we ended with 176 dresses !!!  The goal this time is 200 pieces, these can be shirts , pants, or shorts . You can choose to make one piece or several pieces.  It is totally up to you !
Here are a few suggested patterns to get you started . 

Both Patterns are super easy and feature all the items that we are sewing for the boys . I would suggested focusing on more short sleeve shirts and shorts. The temperatures stay warm in Haiti and I feel the boys can benefit more from these items .
 *You may use ANY patterns that you choose these are OPTIONAL . *
We will be working with 4HNYC again to ship items to Haiti. You can read more about them on their Facebook page . I am currently waiting to get their next travel dates but I wanted to go ahead and get started sewing !  

Here is how everything works : 

**Official Kick Off Date: March 13, 2017 **

Join our Facebook Sewing Group 

1. Sew a short sleeve shirt, shorts , or pants with me !
 ( or any item that you think would help a child or family in need  examples…, quilts, blankets, pillow cases)  
*All items will be going to a boys orphanage in Haiti so we are focusing on boy items this time * 
2. Take a picture and share on Social Media : 
Facebook group : \”Sewing 4 Haiti\”
Instagram : #sewing4haiti

3. Mail the Item to :

  Sewing 4 Haiti
PO Box 361481
HOOVER AL 35236  

4. At the end of the drive all pieces will be shipped together to 4HYNC to travel with them to HAITI


Remember the goal this time is 200 pieces !!!! Lets make it happen !

The cutoff date will be announced later !

I have attached a size conversion chart to help you convert pattern sizes to RTW. 
Remember our sizes are boys 7-12 ( RTW) or Sizes S/M/L ( Boys) 
Last time the women of our group where wonderful about suggesting other patterns for EVERY skill level, so go  Join our group on Facebook !
Don\’t forget to tag #Sewing4Haiti on Instagram so that I can share your photos ! 

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