Sewing 4 Haiti – Girls Edition

In January of 2010 Haiti was hit with a 7.0 earthquake that killed over 200,000 people  . Shortly after that a second earthquake hit , this time measuring 6.1 in magnitude. The damage from these earthquakes was catastrophic and relief efforts where few . Later that same year a  cholera epidemic hit a neighboring city near Port au Prince claiming the lives of thousands of people . Relief efforts began to pick up in Haiti and projects to bring running water and other necessities to the city had began , then Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti

 When Hurricane Matthews arrived many of you might remember being glued to the TV trying  to see just how hard the west coast ( of the United States) would be hit . After many of us found out that the United States wouldn\’t sustain the damage that the weatherman had reported … we cut our TV sets off , but the Hurricane didn\’t stop . Hurricane Matthews continued over the Bahamas and then hit Haiti . The damage was catastrophic , and even more so because they had not fully recovered from the aftermath of the earthquakes of 2010 .

I remember seeing a little news coverage on the  damage that had been caused in Haiti but after a few days there was very little mentioned. I went to CNN and had to drill pretty deep down to find any mention of what was going on. When I finally found a article the death toll numbers made my heart stop …. I continued to read the articles and saw pictures of children standing in streets of mud and Men wading through neck deep waters with their children on their necks !!! This had me in tears by the time I finished reading the article so I went to bead with that on my brain … that next morning   GOD woke me up at 5:00 am in the morning the only thought on my mind was \” HOW CAN I HELP? \”

  I don\’t have much money! …… I don\’t know where to start! …. I don\’t know who to call ! 

\”Sew Something Dummy !!… That is your gift so use it ! \”

So part of the message was clear…  I needed to  …..\”Sew Something\”…… 


Sewing4Haiti was born … 

From the day that I announced the project and what it would Intel women I had no idea of just how big it would become . Women  from all over joined in and supported the cause . Our goal was 100 dresses ranging from toddler to preteen sizes.

We ended with  176 dresses!!!!    I was floored !!!
You can see some of the dresses donated below:

When I tell you GOD showed up and showed out through these women!!

 TaReesa Saunders -Instagram –  kandy62

Kaija Brinson

Johanna Ali www.
Carrie Hankins  Instagram  @tk.cth_lady

Cleopatra Prince Payne    Instagram  @cpayneparadise
Instagram: @thetelltaletasha
Natalie Dawn Instagram @Natadawnb
LaShandra Holmes Blog:  Instagram @ellerusssew
Paula Clayton  Instagram  @sewpaula

Cassie Remming

 Crystal Collins Instagram  @Cdhar2
Valerie Evans Instagram –  valeriesexpressions

Jenni Kessler – Instagram @rocklady99
Sharon Harry  Instagram @buttafly001
 Laura Gorcester
Kit Kabboord  Instagram: kitkabboord
Kayla Ellis Instagram  @kayla.ellis4

 Brittany Jones  Blog:  Instagram – @brittanyjjones

Sonya Smith Reeves  Instagram – StitchingFitChic and
LeJanaro Barnes Instagram @LeJanaro
Anita Morris Instagram   @anitabydesign Blog:

I can not thank these ladies ENOUGH for taking there time and giving their talents for such a cause !!

 Our dresses arrived at the beginning of February and I literally wept when I got these pics .

I put each dress in a ziplock bag to keep them from getting damaged before arrival

 As with everything I am learning as I go. 

When we began the intiative myself and the 4hnyc representatives never really discussed true sizes of the children that would be recieving them . I gave her a age range that we would sew and she agreed to it . A lot of the girls at the school where bigger than we anticipated so the seamstress there will do some work to make them work for the girls . For our second round I was sure to get ACTUAL ages and sizes so that they will be RTW when the arrive !

Round one was such a success but in the haste of it all we left our boys completly out . We did have a few women that thought of our boys and sewed a few things , but most of what we sent where girl clothes.

For Round two we are focusing on our boys !
Stay Tuned !

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