Sewing 4 Haiti !

I\’m SEW excited to share with you all a project that I have been working on for the last month !!!
 I want to give a little background on what put this on my heart and then I\’ll give the details !! 
A month  ago I popped up at 5:00 am in the morning . Now this has happened before but I\’m usually HIGHLY irritated when it happens because my alarm is set for 6:00 am . This morning was different, instead of closing my eyes and trying to go back to sleep I lay there  with images of Haiti and the devastation that has been caused by Hurricane Matthew flooding my head ! Now I\’m sure when Hurricane Matthew began to make landfall  , like myself\” you were glued to the TV waiting to see just how much devastation would be caused in the US . For the most part the U.S got away with very little lost of life . Shortly after we began to see images here and there by different media outlets of the damage and devastation that Hurricane Matthews had caused to the island of Haiti. As the days passed there was less and less coverage of the devastation !
I found myself really having to dig through pages or articles too find images of what truly was happening in HAITI !! Finally I found them … images  of the devastation caused by this natural disaster….

  All images property of CNN media

 All images property of CNN media
Now I wont sit here and horrify you with some of the worst images because this post is suppose to be about HOPE but one thing that broke my heart was the lack of attention paid to what was truly happening in Haiti. I mean there where reports of 800 dead on one site and 500 on others . The sad thing that I learned is that some people just found their loved ones and buried them and without a name and address being reported these deaths were not included in that number . So there is no TRUE count on what the death told is in HAITI even now  …. and that is so so sad.

Most of you may know that  over the years Haiti has been battling Cholera because of lack of clean drinking water . There where finally advancements being made to overcome this epidemic and then Hurricane Matthew hit ! Now among SO many other problems they are back at square one ….

So back to my 5:00am conundrum … I wanted to help … I know that we bring back those lives nor can we even put a dent on the devastation  that has occurred, but maybe I can find a way to put a smile one family\’s face,  or give them one less thing to worry about .

God has given me and many others the gift to use my hands to make things so how can i take that and GIVE BACK ? 

I set out to research foundations that had been helping Haiti long before Hurricane Andrews hit .. one that was truly invested in helping the country . I didn\’t want a popup over night foundation nor did I want a huge foundation like American Red Cross or United Way ( no offense but I\’ve given them enough of my money!) .

I found this outstanding foundation on Instagram called 4HNYC . 4HNYC, is a group of concerned young professional in the tristate area who believe that through educating the Haitian youth, influential results can be made to develop the country economically. 4HNYC hosts an annual happy hour on Haitian Flag Day, geared to raising funds to supply book bags with school supplies for students. Along with their annual happy hour, 4HNYC hosts a plethora of other various events geared towards helping children in Haiti.

 All images property of CNN media

All I needed to know from them was that they would get the items I collected into the hands of a much deserving child in Haiti . I found their Facebook page and sent them a message outlining my plan , I asked  if they could help ship the items collected to Haiti . 
They answered back promptly and where more than willing to help !! 

So I am so pleased to announce this new initiative called ….

Here is how it works : 

**Official Kick Off Date:  November 5, 2016 **

1. Sew a dress with me !
 ( or any item that you think would help a child or family in need  examples.. boys clothes, quilts, blankets)  

2. Take a picture and share on Social Media : 
Facebook group : \”Sewing 4 Haiti\”
Instagram : #sewing4haiti


3. Mail the Dress or Item to :

  Sewing 4 Haiti

PO Box 361481
HOOVER AL 35236  

4. At the end of the drive all dresses will be shipped together to 4HYNC to travel with them to HAITI


My goal is to ship 100 dresses or MORE to 4HNYC for them to take to HAITI in December!!

There will be a cutoff date to send dresses but for now lets get to sewing !! 

The pattern that I am beginning the drive with is : 

This is such a simple knit dress that it SUPER COMFY and has several style variations !

Option 2: 

I chose this one because it is a Quick easy pattern and comes with a dress or top/bottom option !! 

Best of all both of these patterns go on sale next week !!

Over the next coming weeks I challenge every seamstress that comes to this page to join me in making ONE dress for ONE little girl in HAITI . You may use ANY pattern you like these are just suggestions.  My goal is to send at least 300 dresses to travel with 4HNYC in  December when they visit  Delmas, Haiti for the students and families of the community !! 

Lets make this happen Sew Sisters !! 

Join our Facebook group for updates through out the drive !!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita says:

    Shundra, thank you so much for what you're doing. It is my great honor to join you in this beautiful mission. God bless you!☺


  2. Viveen says:

    How about young adults? Is it only for the children?


  3. Viveen says:

    I could sew for young adults.


  4. Viveen says:

    I could sew for young adults.


  5. Viveen says:

    How about young adults? Is it only for the children?


  6. Anonymous says:

    9/2018Are you still collecting dresses for Haiti? I would like to help but I noticed your postings are not current. Carol


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