Fit and Flare !

Pants!!! I love pants and I vowed with Fall right around the corner that I would began making more.
I decided to  began with these beauties !!! 
I have been eyeing this Burda Vintage pattern for a while, but as you know Burda patterns don\’t go on sale very often. When I caught wind of Joann\’s having a upcoming sale on their Burda Patterns , I was ECSTATIC !!
The mintue they went on sale I went out and got the pattern!
I want to make both but decided to go with View A first.
These pants where SUPER easy to make and the flare is SOOOOO DRAMATIC !
 Finding what fabric to use proved to be a bit of a challenge .. the pattern calls for a Soft Cotton but I wanted BODY so I was looking for a light denim or Santeen . I ran into a few setbacks… Hancock has closed their doors ( im in mourning) so there was only Joann\’s locally. I have never been a huge fan of Joann\’s because their primary focus is NOT fabrics therefore its always hard to really find those specialty fabrics you are looking for . Hancock had that  😦  … anywhoo I ended up going with a black twill.I had originally chosen a red denim but it was to stiff to get the look I was really going for . 

I love the way they turned out .. the pants are SUPER comfortable !
The circumference of the legs are MASSIVE and I love it !
I cut a 12 but ended up grading it down to about a 8  .
The shirt was a after thought .. 
I wanted something bold to go with the pants so I decided to go with a McCall Pattern I have had in my stash for a while. 
A Fit and Flare Top: 
 I purchased a stretch white cotton and used some old ankara fabric I had in my stash for the Contrast.
This top forced me to learn a few new skills; Godets and piping . This was my first time doing Godets.. and the first two where a pain in the ASS !! They began to get easier as I went along , I had to install 6 !! This was good practice, and I think they turned out great. 
Piping was the other skill I had to learn on the FLY .  I got to the neckband and realized that the view that I had chosen ( a mix of View B and D)  called for piping …. I HAD NONE … so I decided to make my own !! I did a little research online and made my own !!
 I used the same contrast fabric that I  used for the Godets. There are several great tutorials online and I luckily had some cord in my stash to work with ! 
The entire look came together EXACTLY like I had envisioned !
The shirt pattern was what I would consider on the advanced side. If you have never worked with Godets before I will tell you NOW they can be a challenge so PRACTICE first …
The pants pattern was a breeze in my opinion , I had them together in a little over a hour. 

 I love the outfit and plan on making View B of the pants next .. I already have the fabric !!
I forgot to mention that I added 2 inches to the legs to make sure that the pants grazed the ground with 5 inch heels on. My next pair will be made for flats 🙂 

Until Next time Hunnies !! 
Thanks for dropping by! 

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  1. Helenchaffin says:

    love the whole outfit, I've been sewing forever & had to look up the word godets lol!, godets & piping all in one outfit that is awsome! you were brave to tackle two new challenges at once, I haven't sewen in a while due to my husband recently passing away but you have inspired me to embrace my love of sewing


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