Sexy Lace Jumper

Oh ! I love this sexy little number !!! 
She came to me in a dream…. nah im just kidding ! 
But she was a thought that I originally did NOT think would work out !!
First lets talk about the TWO … yes TWO patterns that I used to create her !
Simplicity 8123 and 8093

So, I bought these patterns because I loved them separately.
I later found fabric that was going to be used for something completely different !. 
Originally, this fabric was to be used on my daughters graduation dress but after I bought it and began working with it I knew that would not work .  I purchased this fabric from the Fashion fabric section of my local Joann. It was labeled as a knit but it handled more like a heavy lace … 😦 
No Bueno!! I knew it wouldn\’t work for what I intended to the stash pile it went until I decided what to so with it !! 
Im sure your wondering how this jumper came to be … well … 
After making my daughter graduation dress ( to be featured later) I decided I wanted to make myself something special for the occasion !! I wanted something comfortable and chic ! While surfing thru my pattern drawer I came upon these to patterns. I remember buying Simplicity 8123 because I loved the bodice and of course the culottes are TO DIE FOR on Simplicity 8093. IDEA! Why not combine the two ?!?!
She took a bit of work tho !
  I followed the bodice pattern as instructed but when I got to the pants I decided to Omit the BAND on the top of the culottes. This later proved to be a mistake because that gave the pants the necessary \”Crotch Drop\” 
Im not sure if I just invented that phrase but hopefully you get the picture …
When I connected the two pieces together it cause the crotch to cut WAY to high !
I  decided to sew my crotch at 1/4 inch to give me some room . I also dropped the waist seam to 1/4 to assist with the drop. This helped TREMENDOUSLY however when I sew them again I will add length to the top of the pants pattern . I think I needed an extra 2 inches ( seam allowance included) to get the drop I was looking for . 

But OMG I still love how she turned out !!
Like I said the fabric handled like a lace and was see thru so I decided to add a basic black knit under it to give it some structure and modesty  🙂 
I cut the culottes short for the knit pieces to give it a little Sexyness!
All pieces where baste together before constructed!   

I love how she turned out and connecting the two pieces was a breeze . 
Im thinking of correcting my mistakes and doing a tuturial !!
This is the perfect summer jumper !!

Details !!! 
I purchased the Skull and Cross bone  buttons a few months ago !!
The pattern called for 7/8 inch buttons … I cheated and used these 1 inch buttons !
I just needed a reason to use them !!!! 

Until Next Time !!!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Faye Lewis says:

    Very creative idea and a lovely outcome!


  2. Carmen says:

    So cool! I just made Mimi's 8123 dress today actually and I loved the pattern. I've made the jacket from the other pattern, too. Mimi's patterns rock! Definitely do a tutorial! I'd like to try mixing the patterns, too.


  3. Shun D says:

    Thank you Faye!


  4. Shun D says:

    Yes! I love her patterns ! Working on that tutorial !


  5. You look fabulous. Very creative and flattering.


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