White Romper – Simplicity 8124

                      Hey Y\’all ! First I want to wish you all a Happy Monday morning !!!

Yeah right, if you are anything like me Mondays are your LEAST favorite day of the week ! 
However, we must push through so do your best to make THIS week your best week ever !
Moving on to obviously why you are here 🙂 
Simplicity 8124

Originally I had my mind set on making View A but as it came closer to time to make it I changed my mind. I decided on View C because I am trying stick to what I am most comfortable in . 
I will make View A later in the summer !

 For this romper I used some twill fabric that I had left over from my daughters corset last week !
 If you didn\’t catch that post click here 
This fabric proved to be both a good and bad choice . 
I loved the crispness of the fabric but it was a bit to stiff for this design .
 This definitely calls for a lighter fabric!

 The instructions where super easy to follow ! 
From beginning to end this romper took me two hours , and I stopped to eat lunch in between !!
I definitely plan on making another in another color !
Its perfect for summer parties !!
I love this summer WHITE it is so fresh  !
I think white is quickly becoming my favorite Non color . 
Now if I can just figure out how to keep it clean !

Until Next Time !!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nimsay831 says:

    Beautiful!! I've made the dress. How do you keep the neckline from riding up all day?


  2. O. Jolly says:

    Came on over from IG. I absolutely love this romper! In these pics the crispness of the fabric looks great.


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