MENSWEAR – Camouflage Double Breast Jacket

Hey hunnies !! How are things going with you guys ?  
WELL this post is so exciting for me for a NUMBER of reasons , my husband is the model, I got to make menswear and I learned TAILORING !!! WIN WIN WIN 

SO a few weeks ago , six to be exact , I decided that I wanted to learn tailoring .. I mean using hair canvas and ALL ! 

I had just received this book for Christmas and I was ready !!

I gathered all of my supplies …
Hair Canvas   – Wawak 
Muslin – My local Joann\’s
Fabric : Camo Twill from my local Hancock Fabrics
Black Ritz Dye – Joann\’s 
Pattern : Vogue 89887

 I tried this pattern when i first began sewing and it almost killed me
The second time around was MUCH better!

View B

Once I had gotten all my supplies, I followed the instructions given in the book VERBATIM. I love how clear and detailed the instructions are in the book , they walk you through each step of constructing the garment ( WITH PICTURES) . The only problem I had was that the instructions where written for a women\’s jacket so a LOT of it I had to tweak to fit my needs. 
Here are photos from the work I did 

 The pattern I chose was for a unlined jacket  so I had to add my own lining in .
.( the book shows exactly how to do it!! )

I cant say enough about how great the book is .. it shows you three methods

1. Custom ( no machine)
2. Custom With machine
3. Traditional (with store bought interfacing )

Here is the link to purchase the book

Tailoring : The Classic Guide To Sewing The Perfect Jacket 

When I purchased my fabric I knew that the color was a little two Green for me so to tone it down I dyed the fabric with a black dye for HALF the time recommended . It did not get as dark ad I wanted but it did darken the fabric a great bit . So I went with it !

Overall I love how the jacket turned out !! Have a Look See !!

I ended up following the book for some and the instructions for the latter part of construction. The pattern instructions where also very clear but BEWARE this is a advanced pattern so they expect you to know a lot already.  
Better view of the pockets 

A few things I will do different next time:

Get the fit better …… when I took my measurements my husband had begun his weightless journey ..
The weight is literally FALLING off him !!!

I think I\’m going to shorten the bodice next time ..
My thinking was that since he has a freakishly long torso the original length needed no adjustments, however he has short legs so I feel the jacket could have been shorter

I think I did pretty decent on everything else ….

 I loved the military look of the jacket !!

Until Next Time XOXOXOXOXO

10 Comments Add yours

  1. You did a great job on your husband's jacket.


  2. Sheila says:

    Awesome!!! He is working that GQ finesse and he looks great in his custom blazer !


  3. Unknown says:

    Great job… I have this pattern and I'm so intimidated by it…


  4. Shun D says:

    Thank you Altheia !!


  5. Shun D says:

    LOL thanks so much Sheila ! Ill pass the word along 🙂


  6. Shun D says:

    Well Carli, this is my second time attempting it .. I feel like i did much better than the first time but it IS a very intimidating pattern .. i think the number of pieces alone send some running for the hills … BUT if you tough it out its worth it . The instructions given are very detailed !


  7. Unknown says:

    I see what you say about the fit because you pointed it out but really it looks so good on him. You did an excellent job tailoring. I bought a vintage pattern to do a jacket for my hubby but then I chickened out. BTW, your hubby is a cutie pie and did a good job modeling.


  8. Venita says:

    Excellent job and you've inspired me to make a jacket for my husband. He's been begging me to make him something. I have the tailoring book just need to grab the fabric and pattern.


  9. Shun D says:

    Thank you so much !!! I'll pass the word along 🙂 Try the pattern .. I'm not sure which one it was but learning something new never hurt nobody ! So give it a swing and at the very least even if you fail you will still learn something ! If you decide to .. Let me know how it goes !!


  10. Shun D says:

    Yay!!! I'd love to see how it turns out !!


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