Fleeting Winter & A Grey Sweatsuit

Hey Hunnies, 
Lately we  don\’t know what kind of weather we are waking up to , some days its cold enough to need a jacket and other days hot enough to wear shorts ! Lets just say my closet is stuck somewhere between late Winter and early Spring . With that said it doesn\’t matter what season it is  with my husband this could be his attire every day of the week !
For this outfit I used to different patterns :  
Top : Burda  6718 View A
Bottoms : Simplicity 1285 View C
The pants where made for a Christmas present and he hasn\’t taken them off since !! I plan on making him a thinner pair for Spring 
I love the fit of the shirt .. the only problem I ran into is that the fabric was a NON Stretch Sweatshirt Fabric.. so getting it on was a slight struggle .. but once on it fit nice .
Both patterns where SUPER easy and Quick to make! 
The pants and sweatshirt took about  2 hours a piece with a few breaks . 

He said that its comfortable enough for him to wear as a throw over around the office (according to him the temps are kept at subzero  🙂  ) 
Honestly he was in his element for this photo shoot .. I had to give him very little direction ! 🙂 
 I so enjoy making mens clothes so I think ill switch it up from time to time ! 
Welp ! 
Until Next time XOXOXOXO

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  1. Unknown says:

    Shun. Again such a good job. I think your husband is doing such a good job as a model because he is so proud of what you have done for him. I love that sweater pattern. I actually recently made view B for my younger son. (See on Instagram). He likes his too and now older son wants to know where his is. Lol. Got a nice sweater fabric from Hancock so he may get it soon 'ish'.


  2. That's a very handsome man so I doubt he would look bad in anything but your sweatsuit looks great and makes me guilty that I haven't done the same for my man despite my promises to him 🙂


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