BYW : The Pencil Skirt B5566

Week Four was \” The Pencil Skirt\” our lead blogger for this week was the lovely RedPantsDesigns!!
 Ruqayyah showed us several different style options for  The Pencil Skirt !  
She also showed us RTW Options if sewing aint yo thang ! 
One thing I love about the pencil skirt is that there are so many different variations ! You have your Jean Pencil Skirt that works for work days or evenings out with family or friends ! And you have your Ponte Knit Skirt  or Leather skirt that can be also dressed up or down !! 
The Pencil Skirt is a piece that can EASILY be mixed and matched with just about any piece of your wardrobe .
For the tutorial I decided to go with a leather and Ponte Mix Skirt !
I had had this leather for some time so why not use it on a pencil skirt !! 
Pattern used :
This pattern was so easy to follow and I will be making another….
 I do wish that I had cut a smaller size but overall I love the look of the skirt!
I love the contrast of the Leather and Pomte !

Here is the tutorial to make your own !!!
Until Next Time XOXOXOX !!

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