BYW: The Blazer M6172

I\’M BACK !!!
  I know …I know Its been a minute… well between recording tutorials for the Build Your Wardrobe Series and fighting two bouts of bronchitis … Im back and well !! 
So where did we leave off ?!… I know most of you finished off the series on Instagram with me and I LOVED seeing all of your creations that you shared with me !! 
Week Three was the Blazer Our lead blogger for that week was Erica Bunker 
I was so pleased when Erica agreed to be a part of the series .. I knew that her vast knowledge of tailoring and her class and sophistication would be perfect for this series !!
Click here to see Erica\’s Take on \”The Blazer\”  a classic and versatile piece to ANY women\’s Wardrobe.
 … I began the blazer but quickly realized that it would take longer than one tutorial to cover this garment so today I will be showing you Part One … it really takes time to get everything right!! That is why I feel that tailoring is NOT for everyone .. it definitely takes patience! 
Here is the Pattern I used M6172 : 
 I will say that the instructions are VERY DETAILED ! They really get into beginner details of tailoring and they give you these things called \”Pro Tips\” that really help take the blazer to the next level … I SUGGEST taking the time to follow some if not all of the tips they give you .. they really taught me a lot !!
For my welt pockets i used a combination if McCall\’s instructions and Erica Bunkers. Hers can be found here . Mine came out pretty good.  I must say they where what I was dreading the most ! 
Overall the pattern is really easy to read , I really liked it !
Here is Part One of The Blazer Tutorial:
I hope you enjoy !! I am working on Part Two Now !! 
Thanks again to Erica Bunker ! Our Lead Blogger for the week !! 
Thanks to our Sponsors !!!

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