Ralph Lauren Inspiration !! Butterick 5399

So  along with most of the U.S I am a huge Scandal fan .. Olivia Pope\’s style personifies what I aim to create in my pieces… strength, style, and class all wrapped up in one …
 So I\’m watching scandal ( cant recal the exact episode ) and I see Olivia enter her office in this Ralph Lauren coat that was absolutely STUNNING …

  I knew I had to recreate it .. and since winter was about to began ( at the time) and I had YET to make a coat for myself … IT WAS THE PERFECT TIME AND PIECE….

That next morning I began scouring the internet for information on this beauty, I learned quickly that I wasn\’t the only one wanting to know more about this gorgeous coat .. It was alll over Instagram which made my job easier because Im assuming given the buzz Ralph Lauren decided to reveal that they where indeed the makers of the coat !!!

       I also quickly discovered after going on their sight ( where it is now SOLD OUT) that the coat was a whopping 6,000 dollars !!!  Pshh!!!  NOT I !!!

I knew I wanted it .. I also knew I was not about to shell out 6000 to get it …
So i began looking for patterns that closely resembled the coat ( expecting that I would need to make some changed to whatever I found)  One of my followers on Instagram helped me identify that it was a raglan sleeve coat so , that made sense because the connected scarf was attached on the right sleeve and I was wondering how they got it to drape so effortlessly.
After much studying I found a pattern that resembled the coat !!!!!
Butterick 5399
It had the raglan sleeves, it was already a trench ( I just had to add some length to accommodate my long legs) and it had the collar. The collar didn\’t stand up the way I wanted it to in the picture so I knew that I would need to add stiffer interfacing that what was suggested .. 
Right as I was about to run my happy self to the store to cop the pattern I saw that it was a discontinued pattern  :((((( 
No fret ! I was able to find one in the size I wanted on eBay !!
Next was finding the right material … 
I first began hunting for a off white material .. however i was unable to find ANY material that draped the way I wanted … while hunting i did come across the gorgeous bonded suede fabric so I decided to go with it …It had the drape I needed and I didnt have to worry about gettign it dirty so easily like I would have had to with the off white . 
I was able to get it onsale for BLACK FRIDAY  for 2.95 cents a yard !!!!! 
The fabric was originally 14.99 a yard !!!!
Fabric can be found here
This worked out perfect because I needed around 6 yards just to make sure that I had enough!
Construction of the coat was easy … the only problem I had was that the instructions of assembly of the lining where incorrect ( which might have been why the pattern was discontinued ) . The incorrect part was the way they instructed you to connect the arm lining to the coat . I ended up having to reach in through the opening I had left at the bottom , pull the arms through and assemble the sleeves the correct way to get them to fold in correctly … 
Enough stalling !!! 
The Coat !!!
The color turned out beautiful 
Its the Pantone color of the year !!!
 So that\’s extremely COOL !!
 I love it !   I absolutely love it ! I feel so regal in it !!
And the attached scarf can be worn so many ways!!!

For a little more flair I added a beautiful brass closure on the neckline !!!

Im wearing it EVERYWHERE … 
Well maybe not everywhere but JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE !!!  🙂 

  I hope that I did Ralph Lauren and Olivia Pope some justice 🙂 
Until next time !!!!

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  1. Faye Lewis says:

    Great design that you made all your own!


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