Suede Blazer Fun!! ( Casual Look )

Hey hunnies! I know its been a minute since I\’ve posted but you wouldn\’t believe how crazy things got around here. We had what the South considers a \”Big\” ice storm . I could take up this entire post telling you what happened next 🙂 … but i wont… 🙂

  Anywhoo… things are back to normal so I had the chance to finish up this jacket I have been working on ………..

OH MY GAWD!!… I loved the way it turned out!!!!
I love the color, material ( suede), and the fit.. ..
Now  I wont lie because this was one of the most difficult patterns I have done so far…

There  was definitely a lot of \”easing\” done during this pattern. The back panels where the hardest because a lot of the pieces didn\’t line up . I don\’t know if this a error on the manufactures part of on MINE … Prob mine but I did my best 🙂 

For the most part I was able to get them lined up. I am pretty satisfied with the outcome … I really love the detailed hems in this pattern ….
Now, the front got really interesting because I decided to change things a little. The front side seams called for you to sew them with the seam on the OUTSIDE…. I didn\’t like that  so i decided to change them to regular seams (on the inside) and add a stitch alongside the seam to make it pop out.
I then noticed on the instructions that the hem was to be left with a raw edge ( no hem)  … I really didn\’t want it that way so I decided to sew the facing on the outside ( with right sides together) and turned it in to get a finished hem ….
 I really like the way it turned out …..
Last I added snaps on the inside…  
 !!! I hope you all like !!!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Nice jacket! I love the neutral color, and the shapes with the seams. I have never seen this pattern before…I really like your interpretation of it. Btw, I am also in the South, and we had the same BIG snow/ice storm here too, so I know just what you mean.


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