Turtleneck Fitted Dress !!

Boy! this was this a tough one ! So here is the original dress that I got the inspiration from :

I wanted it to be turtleneck but i also wanted to add a little flair to it so i extended the arms and added gathering to the mid section.
       I couldn\’t find the exact pattern for the look I wanted so I decided to construct it from scratch
Oh WOW did this end up being a lot of work ! I started with a regular turtle neck that I had. I tried it on to make sure that it fit and measured where it fell around the bottom of my waist and measured from that point to the widest point of my hips. After I got that measurement I then took my hip measurment ( at the widest point ) divided that in half and then half again. After I had my hip measured I then measured from the hip down to where I wanted the dress to fall plus hem allowance.
 Once all measurements had been taken i began deconstructing the turtleneck……
  I first cut out the front and back pieces along the seam line, then cut out the arms and turtleneck pieces.  I folded the front piece in half and laid it on the fold . I then marked the measurement that i had made from the bottom of the tshirt to the widest point of my hip and marked that, next i took my hip measurement ( divided twice) and marked that . The next step was to mark the measurement taken from hip to where i wanted the dress to fall . Once i had marked all measurements i basically just connected the dots. I repeated the same process with the back . Next i added a 5/8 seam allowance all the way around the dress . I repeated the process with the back piece and measurements. 
The Turtleneck part took some work!!  
I cut out the turtleneck piece on the original shirt and when  I went to sew it on the neck I realized that the front piece was to short!!! I didn\’t even think stop to consider WHY instead I made a larger piece for the front of the neck and proceeded to sew it on . Once I got both the front and back turtle neck piece on and tried it on it looked HORRIBLE… both the front and back neck pieces where \”slumpy\” ( they didn\’t fit tight like a turtle neck should), so i took both pieces off and then took some time to think about it. Both pieces must have been that short for some reason to begin with ….. 🙂 AHHA! I took the original two turtle neck pieces and THIS time i decieded to stretch the turtleneck piece on the dress collar to make it fit. I repeated the same thing for the back and WALA ! IT FIT….. I was elated!!

I wanted to add a little flair to the dress so I used my \”heartbeat\” hem to do all the hem lines 🙂

I am absolutely in love with this dress!!!  I used a Sweat Knit Fabric !
It will take some work to perfect it before i offer you guys a tutorial but please let me know below if your interested !!
Until next time !! XOXOXO 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    I like it! Your hard work paid off! And the heartbeat hem is a nice personal touch.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful Dress. Fits you like a \”t\”. All your hard work definitely paid off. I have some clothes in my closet in I could possible refashion. You have inspired me!


  3. Love the \”heartbeat\” top stitching!


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