Hiya and welcome to my little corner of the Internet! 

My name is Shundra Davis and I am the author, and creator behind http://www.shundavis.com! I am also the organizer behind \” Hands That Give \”, a Facebook Group where women all over unite to create handmade items for children in need !
I currently reside in Birmingham, AL with my husband/photographer Anthony and our 16 year old son. My eldest child just blessed me with my first grandchild so I am also a proud \”Omee\” to Ms. Aydah Grace !
I began sewing over 5 years ago as a casual hobby . My husband told me that if I showed interest in it , unlike the other 12,000 hobbies I had tried before , then he would be willing to pay more than $75 dollars for me a new sewing machine ! Well, 5 years later I\’m still at it and lets just say that my current sewing machine cost a little more than $75…. LOL !! I honestly don’t know what took me so long but this \”hobby\” has become a life changer for me on \”sew\” many levels !

I hope that while visiting my page you find something that inspires you to create something beautiful of your own !  I love creating and have found that it has helped me thru some really difficult times in my life! I hope that you find inspiration or just enjoy yourself while browsing thru my makes !  … Thanks for stopping by !

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