Sneaker Dress + Tutorial

I am so excited about my Lace up Dress ! First let me say that if I could make one of these for every day of the week i would … 
Wait I CAN !! 
But I wont…Because that might get a bit repetitive ! 
However I love how this dress turned out  ANDit was made from a Walmart Tshirt !!! 
( Just like the off the shoulder top seen here !!
Thats what I love  ! I love clothing for Women on the go ! Ill be honest …being a soccer mom and being CONSTANTLY on the go allows for very little DRESS UP opportunities.  This dress gives you the best of both worlds .. I can be CUTE…. COMFY …CHIC AND SPORTY !!
Like I stated earlier the dress was made from a Walmart Tshirt . I am currently playing around with just how many things i can make from a WALMART TSHIRT ! Its also helping me with drafting patterns and learning how to alter pieces !! WIN WIN!  
 The inspiration  for this garment came from a lot of Tshirt Dresses that I have being seeing online lately ..

All where cute .. but I wanted something a bit different 
That is where the  laces came in at !
I added Grommets to the base of the Dress to give it something different.
It also gives you the option of tieing the laces up or down ..
OR …..
Drawing the strings up for a slightly sassier look !!

I am so pleased with how she turned out !! 

Im currently working on a \” What you can make from a Walmart T-shirt Video ? \” 
Would you like this one added?

Update :

Until Next time !!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Mye says:

    I'd love to see your tut on this and what else u can come up with, from a little olé tshirt! Love the personality in the pics! The color looks good on u!!


  2. Shun D says:

    Mye, thanks so much ! Tutorials coming VERY soon !


  3. Unknown says:

    Yes…Please and thank you:)


  4. Unknown says:

    Very nice. Love it… Tute…Tute!!!


  5. Yessss yessss and yessss 💖💖😍😍


  6. Yessss yessss and yessss 💖💖😍😍


  7. Unknown says:

    Yessss Please do…thank you in advance


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