PYT Top Tutorial – Off Shoulder Top and High Split Skirt

Ok I love this COMPLETE outfit !!! 
The outfit came about after I was inspired by Kyrzayda Rodriguez !
I am completly infatuated with her style !!
If you follow her then HOORAY for you ! If not then here is why her style is so awesome !!

 All Pictures Taken from
Ok so you see ! She has style is this perfect mix of chic, sassy, sexy and classy !
Well a few weeks ago she posted a top on her internet feed tha made my jaw drop !
I was in love with this top INSTANTLY !!!
annnnnd…. you know …since I sew my own clothes I can just whip that right on up !!!!
I named her the \”PYT\’ ( Pretty Young Thing) Top !
I love how fun and flirty and playful this top is !! 
Perfect for summer time !

ell I went thru about 2 different methods before I finally got the look
 Now her top is a lighter weight denim … which in MY defense I did begin with , but thru trial and error I ended with this beautiful stretch denim that I had in my stretch 🙂 
The mistakes where worth it , in the end it was SUPER easy to make and I love the top !!
We also got a Tutorial out the deal so WOOHOO ! 
 I will definitely go back and make it in a lighter weight blue Denim but i LOVE this version! 

For the High Split Skirt  I used StyleSewme\’s Maxi Skirt with High Split Tutorial 
Please check her out she is another talented sew sister ! 
Instagram: @Stylesewme

Here is the Tutorial !!


As mentioned earlier it was SUPER easy to construct !! 
I hope yours turns out beautiful and please tag me so I can see your makes !! 


Until Next Time !!!  

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