Sweater Dress ~ M7051

Hey Hunnies ! I hope your week wasn\’t nearly as busy as mine ! Ive been busy trying to adapt to a new after school sports regimen full of picking my son up at soccer practice some days, track other days and ACT tutoring for my daughter on the in between days. So, all of that FUN activity has left very little time for my real love… SEWING ! However there is no need to fear I am slowly adapting and finding time for myself . I figure by the time I get a schedule down packed , it will be over with ! Go figure! 
Anywho ! My latest garment was one that I\’ve been wanting for a while … A Sweater Dress! 
I had picked up this beautiful Sweater Knit from Hancock Fabrics a few weeks before so I was READY!! 

I love being able to throw on a pair of tights and a long sweater with  tennis shoes … or heels for a night out with the hubby ! With that idea in mine I set out to make my Sweater !
I chose McCall  7051 
View D :
I  chose this pattern because of the drop back and dramatic sleeves ! I knew I would need to make it longer  but the problem was that the drop was a bit to low for me to wear to work so I had to modify it ! 

To modify the pattern I measured 5 inches out from the arm hole and made a 2 inch fold and did the same on the other side ..  There was another curve in the pattern piece that measured in about as far as the arm piece so i used it to make another fold further down in the fabric

Here is a better view of the fold I made : 
I wanted to take about 4 inches out of the back drop so that is where the 2 inches on each side came from 
It came out perfect !! I must say I was not aure this would work ! 
Additional Alterations : 
  • I added 10 inches to the bottom of the pattern and added my own hem band for the bottom of the sweater.
  • I added a fitted sleeve bands to the ends of each arm piece and gathered the ends of the sleeve to make it fit ! I love the bubble affected i got !
  • I added pockets to both sides 

    Accessories : 
    Purse : Charming Charlie\’s Lady Lock Box Satchel
    Shoes : Aldo

    Until Next Time !! XOXOXO

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    1. Unknown says:

      SHUN D!! You are right. The sweater knit is on point. You have made skills for someone who has only been sewing 4 or 5 years. That drop modification is perfection. On my own I would have never figured that out and I still dont think I would attempt it. The dress came out so nice and you are adorable in it. Keep upnthe fantastic work.


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