ITS MY BIRTHDAY !!!! I\’m celebrating life y\’all !!

I\’ll be the first to admit that as I grew older I had began to dread birthdays .. Each birthday reminded me that I was getting older , so each birthday was spent dodging the AGE question and eating cake !

Until this year … In a years time I lost my uncle .. A classmate lost her child and 2 of my close friends past away .. So this year as my birthday approached I was hopeful rather than dreadful .. I recognized ( because I had already realized ) that life is SHORT each day should be looked at as a gift !


I know that sounds cliche but that\’s REAL … Each day that God grants us is a BLESSING so I\’m doing my best to live this year and the rest DIFFERENT….


In choosing my birthday outfit I knew that I wanted it comfortable , sophisticated and a little sexy . I knew that I wanted to stay true to wanting to make more pants so I decided to go with a jumpsuit

The patterns that I ended up using where

M7126 -Top view D

M6930 -Bottom View D

I cut a size 14 in both top and bottom ..however I ended up taking the pants in to about a 10

I also lengthen the pants about 4 inches …( Next time I\’ll add another 2 inches to the bottom)

The fabric I used was a doubt knit with a velvet print . It was a medium weight fabric so I opted for using binding tape to close off the hem around the arms and legs !


I loved how the jumper came out ! I can\’t wait to wear it on my date !!

Until next time XOXOXO




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  1. Unknown says:

    Happy birthday! 🎂🎁


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