Nude – Burda 6795

Yes I used her again !! Burda 6795 !!! 
I used this pattern with my last make in case you didn\’t catch it here she is : 
Here is the blog post on her !
This top is so easy to make !!! This time instead of cutting her off at the waist and making a circle skirt I extended her down to make a fitted dress !! Just like with the one above I cut the back piece OFF the fold and added a zipper . Everything else was pretty easy … 
I measured how far down I wanted the dress to fall ( taking the measurement from the waist) and I used my curved ruler to draw a gradual hip curve down to where I wanted my dress to end !
I got the chance to use my double stitch needle again 🙂 
I am loving the finished look it gives my knit garments . For this garment I used it on the arm hems, bottom hem and neck top stitching.

I love how she turned out and with our upcoming \” Build Your Wardrobe Series\” I\’ll have a blazer to throw on when the Fall weather arrives 🙂 

Until Next time XOXOXOXO 

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