Little White Dress – Burda 6795

So my husband and I have been so busy this year with my sons soccer and changing jobs that we really didn\’t have the time to do anything on our Anniversary . I mean this year honestly y\’all we did good to  even remember it , most years we get three months past before we remember our anniversary !!!

Well my husband decided it was time for us to celebrate ! So what better reason to make a cute little dress than for your makeup anniversary dinner Right ?!! 🙂 This little number was so much fun to make and SUPER easy to . I wanted something quick and simple and I had already bought this pattern for another project that Im working on so i decided to test it out !

The Pattern that I used was Burda 6795: 
I decided to use this pattern because of the high neck on view B 
Like I stated earlier , I already had the pattern for another project I have in the works so this gave mne the perfect opportunity to play round with this pattern … 
Bodice Construction :
To modify the pattern I measured 2 inches below the waist line on both the front and the back pattern pieces and cut . Instead of cutting the back piece on the fold I cut two pieces and added 5/8 inch  on the center back of each piece ( so that I could add a zipper)  .I also added seam allowances to the neck piece. Next I followed the instructions to assemble the bodice . The instructions where super easy and I even learned how to sew with a twin needle on this one !!! 
Skirt Assembly : 
I constructed a simple circle skirt using this formula : 
Waist Measurement  \\  3 – 1.5 inches  = Circumference of waist 
Mark that in a semi circle and then from that semi circle you mark how long you would like your skirt to be .

After both pieces where cut I connected them and added a zipper in the back !!

Until Next Time XOXOXO

Loved of how this turned out !! I will be making more plus this is a perfect addition to my essential pieces!
Look for new YouTube serious on Essential Pieces coming soon  !!!

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