Boho Chics – Simplicity 1161

So the inspiration for  this dress came from a photo ( forgive me for being unable to locate it ) of two girls with these beautiful peasant/boho dresses. I instantly fell in love and knew that I wanted to sew it ! My style is more on the easy, breezy, flowing, earthy,dainty,neutral…( cant think of any more adjectives) end , so this type dress was right up my alley !

The next challenge was locating a pattern to recreate the look and finding the perfect fabric. My search began with patterns … it didnt take me long to find  a pattern that was very close to the look I was aiming for !

The pattern that I decided on was Simplicity 1161

 When I saw the pattern the only part that I knew I would really USE was the sleeve part , everything else would need to be altered.

Next was the task of finding the perfect fabric … I knew what the fabric looked like that I wanted but didn\’t know the name . After doing a little research online most people suggested using chiffon but I knew that would be a bit to sheer for my liking .  I ended up asking a older seamstress at my school and she told me that the fabric I was looking for was wrinkle gauze , I FLEW TO THE FABRIC STORE !  Once I got to Hancock I realized that it was called Gauze fabric .

I bought 6 yards (enough for two dresses) and dashed for the door ….
Alterations : 
I kept the top section the same but I wanted to make it one piece without the divisions so I lined the top , middle and bottom section pieces under each other on the fold to get the length , I then added 3\” to THAT length.
I measured out 13\” from the bottom length ( that I had marked), this gave me a nice loose fit . Next I drew a line from the bottom of the TOP pattern piece all the way down to the 13\” line I had drawn out. I then went back and traced out the TOP bodice piece onto my fabric . I did the same procedure for the back piece . When I finished instead of having three piece divided by trim I only had one front piece and one back piece !
On the sleeves I kept the construction as noted in the pattern but omitted the trim in the middle , instead I added lace trim to the bottom of each sleeve . I used a larger lace on mine and a smaller one on my daughters .
After I finished construction of the dress I decided  to add lace to the bottom of mine … I LOVED IT!

The two dresses turned out better than I had envisioned !
Although I altered the pattern the instructions where very clear and easy to follow .  

I love how they both turned out !!
Tomorrow I will be featured on Sew Sweetness  Blog  . She is doing a month long \” Dress Up Party\” where she is featuring  40 different sewing bloggers!! I am so excited to be a part of this , so check me out tommorow on her site !!

Until Next Time XOXOXO

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sndpowe says:

    Love it. I get so excited to see what you have done. I have watched you grow into an amazing artist of all trade. Mom


  2. Shun D says:

    Thank you MA! I Love you !!


  3. These dresses are simply beautiful! Great job!


  4. Chatakat says:

    Currently cursing this pattern. Years of sewing experience and still will throw out expensive fabric. Pattern instructions are fine….fit is another thing. I am swearing off simplicity for a while…wasted time and money…a lot of both. Yours are gorgeous….mine is skin tight in places and saggy in others. Grrrrr


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