Vintage Vogue 2962

SO! My daughter decided that she wanted to go to prom her Junior year … and of course she wanted mama to make her dress ( Yay me !) .

Daughter : \”Mom you know your making my dress right? \”

Me: \” of course baby …you say we have a month left? OK, plenty of time !\”


How many of you guys truly believe I used the full month that she gave me to make the dress 🙂

OK good because if you dont know by now you should know that I am a serial procrastinator ! So we truly didnt begin focusing on the dress until three weeks ago … and I didnt begin sewing on it until last week 🙂 But, im getting ahead of myself .. let me back up !


The dress that she chose was beautiful :




A 1950\’s inspired vintage Vogue pattern !!!

I couldn\’t WAIT to begin sewing this one !!

She decided that she wanted it in a black taffeta … I wasnt a big fan of that color, I wanted to really find a color that stood out and black wasnt gonna do that soooo it was my mission to find a color that would make her change her mind . We had a soccer tournament coming up in South Carolina and I knew we would be passing thru Atlanta so i planned to make a stop there .


When we got there we started looking through there selection. We stumbled upon this \”taffeta like\” fabric that took our breath away … and guess what IT WASNT BLACK ….( mission accomplished )



Im honestly not sure what to call the fabric but it has a taffeta feel but its heavier. The fabric also had this iridescent sheen that made it sooooo beautiful … We grabbed 6 yards and ran for the door !.




Let me just say that my relationship with this fabric went from love to hate REAL quick once I began sewing it …. and let me just preface by saying that honestly it wasnt the fabrics fault . The pattern called for a INSANE amount of gathering in the skirt portion and by the fabric having a bit of thickness to it it made it almost impossible to gather enough to fit onto the bodice …. BUT I DID IT !


The fabric shredded A LOT also so this didn\’t make it any easy 🙂



The bodice called for a little hand sewing … and that\’s just not one of my favorite thing to do …However the overall finished look is to worth it
I also decided to add rhinestones to give it a more prom feel .. however she was very specfic that she DID NOT want the entire dress covered in rhinestones !

That task ALONE was SUPER tedious … it took me about 2 days to lay all the stones that she wanted on the dress !!! But oh my word it was so worth it !! She loved it !!!


Another part of the pattern that I had a difficult time understanding was the finishing for the top portion of the BACK bodice pieces .. i read the pattern what must have been 20 times and it gave no instructions on how to finish it .. I decided to make my own binding from the fabric pieces I had left over and finish it that way.

I also added a zipper instead of loops and buttons that the pattern called for because the way they described doing it in the pattern turned out to be another task in itself because it was difficult!


ANYWooo Ill shut up now and let you guys enjoy the pictures !!




The Rhinestones !!!











Accessories !!! Simple but elegant !!



























































I So love how it turned out !! She looked so Radiant !!!




Until Next Time



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Robin says:

    Gorgeous and very elegant. By her radiant smile, I'm sure she loved it too. A lot of work, but worth the effort.


  2. Very elegant. The rhinestones add so much! That picture on the stairs Is really fabulous. Sigh, I have boys…so I don't guess there are any prom dresses in the future for me.


  3. Unknown says:

    Saundra, your daughter is so beautiful just like her mother. The dress pattern and fabric is perfect. The choice of fabric color was wise. You did an amazing job she looks like a princess. ;- ) I love the detail of the rhinestones just the right amount. I can only imagine what her senior prom gown will look like next year.Blessings,Aracellis


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