Coral Comfort Jumpsuit / M6964 S1668

Oh !! I love this one for so many reasons !!


Comfort, Color, and Convenience !!!

This jumpsuit is sooo Comfortable the fabric is soft and extremely manageable !

I love the Color, the pictures just don\’t do it justice …it has this beautiful sheen to it !

And the Convenience of it being one slip on slip off piece is just perfect !!


I used two patterns for this jumpsuit


Simplicity 1668 for the Pants



And McCall 6964 for the top

Now ,originally I didn\’t have a completed idea of how I wanted the jumper to look I just knew that I wanted a full jumper with flared legs and I wanted to do something different with the top .
I searched through a few top patterns before I found what I THOUGHT was the perfect one ,but two things ended up being wrong … It was discontinued and as I did more research I discovered that it was more of a open wrap shirt than a full shirt that could be connected to pants …
The look on the pattern was VERY deceiving so it was back to the drawing board once I made that discovery …
What I ultimately ended up choosing was a McCall pattern I already had for the top and purchasing a pants pattern ….
Even though I ended up taking the cheap way out by using a pattern I already had ,I had to adjust the pants because they where in sizes S,M,L and the top was In standard US sizes …bummer…
I should have considered that
In the end I completed the top and then adjusted the pants to fit the waist of the top …it was a constant try on and off process

I ended up having to trim about two inches off the top of the pants to get them to fall where I wanted …I also added a attached belt that I made extra long so I could wrap it different ways

In the end I decided that I wanted the belt to be the main focal point of the jumper and I absolutely love how it turned out …

I used a ITY knit from my local Joann\’s..

Oh! I also cut thumb holds in the sleeves just to give it a more sporty look

I plan to make one of these in black for a more dressy look, I\’ve already spotted the fabric I plan on using … Now it\’s just a matter if casing the joint until it goes on sale 🙂


Another beautiful addition to my fall collection !!!

Until next time lovelies XOXOXO !


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