Today I am so proud to announce the opening of my new store!!!.. I\’ve been working over the last few months coming up with the design concept and exactly how I want my vision to be portrayed in my pieces!!
I really had to sit down and think about everything that embodies a woman …
Sophistication , Style , and of course Sexyness !!!
Thats what this line will embody .. EVERY QUALITY of a Woman 
Introducing …*Drum Rolls* 🙂 

Pronounced \”Shatzy\” is a German word for endearment or treasure… Its the most commonly used word by couples to show there love and affection for one another. A woman is a treasure and should always dress as such , thats the woman I m targeting.. the woman who has confidence and wants that to exude through her apparel… 
This line has definitely been a labor of love …
The collection is just beginning and I hope that you all will enjoy my pieces because everyone of them  is a little piece of me … I want woman to feel beautiful when wearing my designs . 
Please visit the Store at 
I hope you love the designs !!!!

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