Army Green Neoprene! / B6053

So…………… I was super excited to sew my Neoprene that I got from Fine Fabrics in Georgia ..Even picked my pattern two weeks prior to sewing it …. BUT BOY DID IT TAKE ME ON A RIDE ….
First let me show you guys the dress ………..Because it turned out Beautifully in my opinion 
Now! On with my story … 🙂 This dress was definitely a labor of love ….I went through … 4 diffrent needles …2 different threads  ….2 headaches…. several trips to the Store …and one ALMOST complete melt down…..
 JUST to finish this dress!  
So just so you dont have to endure the same pain and suffering as I here are a  few tips i gathered along the way ……
Neoprene Sewing Tips:
1, SEW SLOW … the needle WILL Heat up when sewing so if you go to fast it will melt your thread and cause the needled to get sticky ….
2. After going thru about 4 packages of needles the one that ended up working best for me was Singers Universal Heavy Duty Needles Style 2020  Size 110/18
Even using this needle I still had to sew slowly .. however it was the only needle that would go ALL the way through the fabric without skipping stitches …
3. Lets talk thread .. I read on the internet that you should use a Nylon or Rayon coated thread … HECK NO … this melted so fast because it was so much thinner than Cotton thread … USE COTTON THREAD ..
4. Patience .. if you don\’t have it don\’t sew neoprene because it literally took me two weeks to complete this dress …
Granted i had to pick the dress with the most detailed stitching :-/
I think those tips will greatly help you…. at least i hope they do because if I had known this I could have save myself a few tears and multiple trips to Hancock( I think i now own every needle they carry)

The dress was definitely a labor of love .. But I do love how it turned out …..
I added a gold exposed zipper to give it a little flair …
I used pattern B6053
I think the most difficult part of the dress WOULD have only been cutting out all those pieces … 
there where so many pieces !!! But I gave that busy work to some of my darlings at school 🙂 
The dress is super sexy …. I plan to were it in the Fall months with a cute jacket …
I don\’t think ill make another until it starts to warm back up but i DEFINITLY will not be sewing it in NEOPRENE !!!
Although i love the feel and comfort of the fabric I don\’t think ill try it again until i invest in a industrial sewing machine 🙂 
I hope this has helped  someone that\’s thinking of sewing Neoprene in the near future!!
Until Next Time XOXOXO

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  1. Sassy says:

    Absolutely love this. Sorry to hear you went through a bumpy ride but the end product is so worth it. What about Microtex needles, would they have helped? Am only a beginner but I keep hearing peeps say had to buy Microtex and it sorted it. Not in regards to your type of fabric but in general SSB


  2. Margo says:

    I haven't sewn Neoprene before so thanks for the tips. I does look lovely on you regardless of the trouble it presented! The color and pattern choice are terrific!!


  3. This is such a lovely dress. I love the color and all of the details.


  4. Vanessa says:

    Your hard work was worth it! This is so beautiful, and will be great for Fall!


  5. Unknown says:

    I love this dress. It was definitely worth all the work to sew it! Well done.


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