Fur and Vinyl :)

Last month my son had a tournament in Atlanta Georgia, so I took that oppurtunity to drop by Fine Fabrics . I had heard so much about it on Instagram and through other sewing groups that I am a part of . I just had to visit… and boy was I in for a treat !!!!!

For fear of looking like a nut I held back my squeals of excitement ! The funny part was I had brought my husband along ( for the muscle of lifting fabric bolts 🙂 )  and I think he was secretly just as excited as I was . He would give me a quick \”nope\” if i picked something that he didn\’t like 🙂
So after WE had spent a good hour in the store just browsing I went back and picked the fabrics that I wanted … you know its bad when you have a shopping list … in a fabric store… 🙂 
But HEY, I had to make sure I got everything I came for 🙂
I settled on 4 different fabrics for Fall !!
( follow me on Instagram to see them 🙂 @MrsCraftyChick)
I was ready !! 
1st Up !! Vinyl and Fur!!

One of the fabrics that I fell in love with was what I first thought to be some type of leather …
However , as I began to work with it I realized that it was actually a vinyl!!!
It had this beautiful sheen to it !
I decided to make a simple circle skirt out of it because I knew the weight of the  fabric would allow it to fall beautifully with little effort on my part 🙂 
I was right!!! 
It fell beautifully and the fabric really has a leather look to it .. 

 I used Mccall Pattern 6964 to make my Crop Top :

I decided to make my crop top from a Minky fur fabric that I found at Joann\’s …
 I was really looking for more of a Angola Fur but couldn\’t find that so I settled on this as a suitable alternative !!

I LOVE how it all turned out !!
This outfit is ready for Fall so I will be adding it to my Fall Wardrobe  !!!

Accessories : Body Central 
 Until Next Time !!!!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    Very nice!!!! Fine Fabrics is on my list to visit, as well. I'm glad you got some good fabrics.


  2. Shun D says:

    Thank you so much !!


  3. Wear.A.Wyatt says:

    Oh wow – love both items but that skirt .. whoop I am now officially inspired and on the hunt for vinyl!! thank-you 🙂


  4. Becca says:

    I actually live really close to this store and didn't know it existed until I made a detour on the way to Gail K's… OH MY GOSH. I'm obsessed now! By the way, I love the blog. Just discovered it! You are so fabulous!


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