Ruffle Knit Skirt / StylePantry Inspiration !

Its been to long!!! 🙂 
I started work back ( I work at a school) just a few weeks ago , things have been so hectic that I haven\’t had time to post .. or even SEW … 
The first week of school is always the most hectic because by the time I get home I am so exhausted that all I wanted to do is eat and go to bed. Now .. things have smoothed out a bit so I couldnt get back to doing what I love!! 
This skirt was a StylePantry inspiration. I love just about everything that she wears however when I saw this dress I HAD to make it ..
Here is the original dress : 
I KNOW .. absolutely gorgeous … 
Once I figured out what type of fabric it was called ( Ruffle Knit) I went out and found it at my local Joanns .. the only ptoblem I found with their Ruffle Knit is that the Ruffle pieces where not nearly as long as the one Style Pantry is wearing … So I ended up making it once( in white) .. and then again in a really pretty purple that i found . 

Constructing the white skirt proved to be a learning experience.. the first time that I made the skirt I made a front and back piece . 
That didn\’t work because the seam on each sides took away from the \”free flowing\” look of the ruffles … Next I took a waist , hip , length to hip and waist to floor measurement. I marked these measurements on my tracing paper and formed the skirt. 
I then cut one piece on the fold . and flare it out towards the bottom . 

Overall I like how the skirt turned out ..
I do plan to do it again but I\’m going to scrap the hip measurement and flare it out from waist to floor . 
( This time I began the flare after the hips)
Minion Shirt : Walmart  ( I hope you like Adrienne 🙂  )
Beads: DIY
I\’m so excited to have had the opportunity to colab with another sew sister on this project 
We both saw the dress and KNEW we had to remake it !!
I just love how she was able to get the full layered look !!

You look Great HUN!!!!
She makes beautiful handmade jewelry also, you can follow her on Instagram: Lizziesjewelrycloset
Until Next Time XOXOXOX

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