DIY Skater Dress

Super Easy  

DIY Skater Skirt !!!!

So hunnies, this is my first DIY of the summer  and I soooooo love how this piece turned out ! 
I plan on doing them all summer for you guys , so make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so that you know the minute I upload them !!!  
I\’m always looking for outfits to wear that are comfortable and versatile … truth be told Id rather be in a pair of baggy jeans and t shirt any day over a dress…… 🙂   But occasionally I do like to look cute !
This Flirty Skater Dress allows me to do just that … be cute at the soccer fields AND at a gathering with friends if need be …  
I started with pattern M6964   and added a circle skirt to the base.
Fabric Used:  Stretchy Cotton
The pattern was super easy to follow and there where guides on the pattern if you wanted to change it up to make different variations of the top  . I,  however just needed a basic pattern . I also wanted it to be form fitting so I cut one size under. Now, please  ONLY do this if you have a stretchy fabric ( which I did ), otherwise you will be out of luck in the FITTING department 🙂

         To make the skirt I used a really easy formula that MIMI G shows on her YouTube channel .

 It allowed me to get the same cute affect of a circle skirt WITHOUT all the math 🙂 

Anyway,  I hope you guys love … 
If you wanna make one of these for yourself get your tools and watch my
 Skater Dress DIY .. 
I had so much fun making it for you guys !!!!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. It turned out very beautiful.


  2. That is soooo cute! Yellow is such a good color! You look like you are having so much fun wearing it! Nice!


  3. Anonymous says:

    You turn me on


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