The Right Moves…

THIS is why I enjoy sewing!!

As a teen… I was an artist, I even attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts for Visual Drawing…anyway I digress… Like art , sewing allows me to create whatever I want . I have an \”idea in my head and I create it !! THAT is so exciting for me! Sometimes it comes out spot on … And sometimes I fail…miserable … Either way I learn… And I grow ..That\’s really the point in it for me anyway … GROWTH


I have had this idea for a while, I originally wanted to use a black and white stripe print but when I saw this ….ALLL that went out the window!!


Shirt: Chess Print Cotton KnitSkirt: Stretch Suiting Fabric ( yes again) 🙂

Store : Handcok Fabrics

Cost : total 25.00 ( give or take a dollar or two )













To make this top I used an old t shirt pattern that I had made for myself . I had to take it in a tad because apparently I\’ve lost a little weight since the last time I used it 🙂









The skirt I made on the fly. I measured my waist and added a Inch seam allowance. I then made a 4 inch waist band from that measurment. The skirt was a bit of trial and error . I started out by taking my waist measurement and cutting it on the fold for the FRONT piece , I then repeated the same steps for the back piece.



I cut it on a circle skirt method I\’d learned……

The next time I make this skirt I plan to cut it a different way because there where parts of the skirt that ended up being longer than the other when I connected them . I hand laid the pleats and then pressed them. this proved to be a bit of a challenge because I wanted to get them as close to perfect as possible .




Bare with me Y\’all !!

I am definitely learning . I\’m enjoying trying and experimenting with new fabrics and techniques . I do however believe that it is time to move on from the stretched suiting fabric considering I have used it in the last THREE projects!! 🙂



I have a little more of this red fabric so I may make a fitted skirt or something later:)…later
Anywooo!, I hope you like!
I just received some new fabrics from \”Sew Blessed \” so I am looking forward to playing around with those !
Until Next time!!!!



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  1. Hi Shundra I enjoy your blog and seeing your fabulous makes so I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please dont feel obliged to accept it but details are here if you are interested?


  2. Hi Shundra – just found your blog via Dawn WH, so I thought I would pop over and say hi and see what you sew. It looks as though you are a learning sewer 🙂


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