This Guy !

ITS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooooo excited to be DONE with this suit…. now first let me say that as you may recall from the past post ( here) my goal was to complete this a suit for valentines day ….. 🙂 
Well, you dont have to tell me .. it is WAY past valentines day , but this suit was DEFINITLY no walk in the park!!
 I now understand why a custom made suit is so expensive .. the time and patience that it takes to make a suit is CRAZY!! I did \”finish\” the suit on Valentines Day but the fit was ALL off. 
Now , I don\’t know if you remember in my original post but, this was my first time making a tailored suit. The hardest parts for me where the pockets and collar because the pattern assumed that you knew a LOT so a few important steps where left out ….

 I quickly learned that if you want that crisp clean look you have to get EVERYTHING laid right. Everything from the cutting of the fabric to the ironing of interfacing has to be ON IT… and mine wasnt 🙂   
BUT .. I made it through….                           

The funny part is that at the beginning i had to BEG him to let me make him a suit… by the end of the process he had turned into a little DIVA 🙂 … \” Shun is this pocket suppose to lay like this ? \” … \” Shun make sure that my zipper snit showing because I don\’t like that \” … 🙂   Lets just say that he got a few choice words from me 🙂 
I would suggest that if you plan to do this pattern , take your time and make sure that each piece is cut right and that the interfacing is ironed on with no bubbles…
Overall I think that I did a decent job for my first time. BUT ! I will say that it will be a VERY long time before i even LOOK at another suit 🙂 
Anyways ! I hope you guys enjoy !!!
I will say .. He makes the suit look GOOD  🙂 
The pattern that I used can be found here
Till next time!!! 

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    You did an amazing job! I applaud you for hanging in there!


  2. I have this pattern but have not been brave enough to tackle it, bravo! and well done, if you want tutorials on pockets and trouser making I've taken a couple of classes with Gentlemen Jim and he's pretty good at showing you step by step, link here: but you've done really great all on your own anything you add from here on is just extra knowledge.


  3. Sheila says:

    You did an awesome job and he is rocking it GQ style.


  4. Yes! I agree with Sheila! Fab job…GQ style!


  5. Unknown says:

    GQ on da' loose !


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