Coral Cuteness!!!

This dress turned out beautiful !! Pairing it with a fabric belt made all the difference . The fabric I used was in ITY knit and i puchased it onsale , which made it even better 🙂 The dress has such a beautiful drape and flow to it when I walk !

The fabric feels so comfortable and soft !
I added a bit of length to the base of the dress to compensate for my long legs and to make sure that I got that sweeping look like the pattern shows .
I used a vogue pattern for this one . I was going for a \”Gone with the wind \” look ( I know that\’s cheesy ),but I think I nailed it .
As I said earlier, I love the feel of he fabric but it was a bit of a pain to sew . It kept bunching up on me 😦 . Either way it was a labor of love because I absolutely love the way it turned out !!!!
I hope you gals love !!!

Next up is my winter coat ! I decided to start on it a bit early because its getting cold here fast!! It will definitely be a process so I will update you all as I go !! Can\’t wait !!!!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely dress! I have this pattern, and hopefully mine will come out as well as yours.Lee


  2. Shun D says:

    I'm sure it will …and thanks !!


  3. Unknown says:

    This is beautiful


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