Magic City Classic Parade!!!

So every year we participate in our city\’s annual Magic City Classic Parade . I love this time of year because each year our school pics a theme and that is what be base our costumes and performance on …

This year we chose the CANDY THEME!!! I talked about this in a earlier post Here

Here are the costumes ……

Each girl is making their own tutu ..I have already heard Girls saying ..\” This is so easy , I\’m going to make me another one \” … This made me smile .


The girls found a chair and went to work making their candy themed tutus …. The colors where beautiful

They where totally engaged !!!!!!!


We where able to get one row finished on each tutu …

Look at how the colors are popping !!! I can\’t wait to see the finished product .

Hopefully we will get it finished Monday so we can began on the shoulder pieces .. Can\’t wait !!!




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